[Full episode] Andrew McCarthy, Rob Baker, Sonja Smits, Andrew Barnsley, Caleb Azumah Nelson


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Actor and director Andrew McCarthy discusses his new memoir, Brat: An '80s Story, and reveals why he pulled back from fame after shooting to stardom in films like St. Elmo's Fire, Pretty in Pink and Weekend at Bernie's. Rob Baker of the Tragically Hip introduces us to the band's new single, Ouch, off their latest album, Saskadelphia. Canadian actress Sonja Smits reflects on her first film in 15 years, Drifting Snow, and tells us why a story about two strangers meeting each other by circumstance is sure to resonate with people now more than ever. The executive producer of Schitt's Creek, Andrew Barnsley, talks about winning the Canadian Screen Award for best comedy series last night. Writer and photographer Caleb Azumah Nelson tells us how his love for art and music informed his acclaimed debut novel, Open Water, and shares what it's like to be called a "literary virtuoso" at the age of 26.

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