Qool DJ Marv For MamaSoul & Friends at The Harlem Connection on WBAI-FM NYC - Aired May 14 2021


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Qool DJ Marv For MamaSoul & Friends at The Harlem Connection on WBAI-FM NYC - Aired May 14 2021
After 18 years living in Washington Heights/Harlem, I moved to Crown Heights Brooklyn when my son, who I co-parent, was accepted to Yale...starting a new phase in his and our lives. I left Harlem after subtly, over time, becoming a contributor to its culture and vibe.
DJ Stormin Norman started Sundae Sermon with DJs Cosi and me joining him as the original groove masters. Thanks to Lisa Yancey, DJ Damon Alston and me were the resident DJs for the Apollo Music Cafe, almost a decade ago! Shout out to Dwight Jordan and the Apollo Fam...still going strong, keeping on and on.
I thought I died and went to heaven when Marcus Samuelsson's Red Rooster added me to their DJ roster where I would play 3x a week sometimes. First time in a long time (since Sylvia's), the Red Rooster restaurant in Harlem brought jobs, tourists and celebrities back to Harlem in droves in the early 20-teens. They keep on growing, Red Rooster is in the UK and recently opened in Miami.
Lucky me, I got another turn at doing something on-going at the Apollo Theater when Bob Sumner had me join his vision for a comedy club experience at the Apollo in the Apollo Music Cafe. The Apollo Comedy Club was established in 2015 and will re-emerge in October 2021. The 1st 5 years were just the warm-up.
A very special thanks to Glenn G-Man Holt, a Harlem born and raised man with a gift for bringing people together. My first true friend in New York City, my guide, my brother (RIP).
Thanks to MamaSoul, I reminisced about Harlem and put together a set of Harlem influences on me. Her show, on WBAI 99.5 NYC, is called the Harlem Connection and she and her partners shine a light on the music, history and impact of the metropolis of Harlem.
Here is the link to the entire episode with the interview + the mix + much more music, sounds and connections by the THC fam:

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