Mapping the Landscape of Faith-Based Heterosexism and Transphobia in Canada


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Today's episode is a bit different. Today, Queer Devotions features an audio production of RFF's report, "Mapping the Landscape of Faith-Based Heterosexism and Transphobia in Canada," which compiles research to ask: which sectors of society are most influenced by religious bias on the basis of sexual or gender minority status? If you'd like to read the text or follow along, please visit:

This document is the first of its kind and aims to beget more research and greater investment into thinking through these questions. Religiosity continues to be one of the strongest determinants of a person’s view of homosexuality. While a largely secular society, Canada’s institutions are built on a foundation of 'Christian' norms of heteronormativity and transphobia. These sectors include the family, worship communities, healthcare and education.

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