QH002 - Speak Your Truth with Arshad Hasan & Vicki Roush


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What We Covered:

00:47 – Introducing today’s guests, Arshad Hasan and Vicki Roush who share their the work they are currently doing to amplify marginalized voices with their organization, Convey Communications

08:02 – Arshad and Vicki speak to the importance of overcoming the fear of speaking up as a marginalized person, taking up the space you deserve and how it translates to the field of business

18:44 – Specific pressures that marginalized groups and individuals face on a daily basis

21:06 – The power of connecting through body language

23:28 – Arshad and Vicki discuss the resounding impact of COVID-19 and how they have pivoted their business strategies and practices amidst this global pandemic

34:02 – Michelle thanks Arshad and Vicki for joining the show

Tweetable Quotes:

“The progressive world has been seeing a new and different kind of leadership. And that’s where we come in. Our specific mission is to work with women, people of color, and LGBTQ folks to lift up their voices.” (04:39) (Arshad)

“A lot of us – in the way we’ve just sort of grown up through professional life – have learned maladaptive traits to make ourselves smaller. When Vicki talks about owning the room, it’s doubly important for womxn, people of color, LGBTQ people to walk up on that stage like everyone is here to listen to them because that is the truth.” (06:42) (Arshad)

“I can tell – and so can everybody else – when you’re not taking up the space you deserve.” (10:10) (Arshad)

“That’s what it is. You just learn skills to work with those fears basically. And then the more you practice and the more you realize that the audience is not your enemy and they’re not gonna eat you, then these fears go away. They start to diminish and you become more comfortable on stage.” (12:28) (Vicki)

“Once you connect with someone, if you connect with them in some way with your own story then you become a more credible source to them. They are more likely to follow you as a leader, or agree with you as a leader, or come on board with your leadership team.” (21:06) (Vicki)

“There’s no point in doing this work if you don’t have integrity.” (33:09) (Arshad)

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