QH016 - Adventurous Business with Jenn McAmis


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What We Covered:

00:48– Introducing today’s guest, Jenn McAmis, who talks about the business they co-owns and how they are making RVs cool and relevant again

05:36 – Jenn recalls the decision to change their career path and become an entrepreneur

08:06 – Jenn reflects on how one decision has the potential to change everything

12:04 – What being queer has to do with Jenn’s business

15:15 – Jenn speaks to the importance of educating others on queerness and why it can sometimes be exhausting

19:04 – Jenn provides advice to hesitant entrepreneurs

Tweetable Quotes:

“I see these vehicles as the future of protecting all of these places that we love to go and just being more sustainable in the ways that we travel.” (04:27) (Jenn)

“My next career was in fitness, believe it or not, and I quit that job to travel and find myself for a while. My partner had built some vans for friends. I kind of said, ‘let’s do this. I’ll buy in and start the business with you.’ And now it is what it is.” (04:56) (Jenn)

“There’s so many people doing great work to diversify the outdoors and make sure that it’s a welcoming and accessible place for other people. And, I’ve found that we’re in a place that we can start to bridge those gaps.” (12:40) (Jenn)

“I am in a position where I’m in a monogamous partnership with a heterosexual man. And so, it appears on the surface as we’re a traditional, straight, hetero couple. I don’t have to do as much of the work as some people do in just daily life. And so, I’m glad to be able to take on some of that work from the comfortable position I’m in now.” (15:44) (Jenn)

“Don’t put me in the box that I don’t want to be in and I don’t belong in.” (18:20) (Jenn)

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