Living Death with Rachael Ward


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Rachael Ward (they/them) is a public theologian and LGBTQ activist. Currently, Rachael is pursuing a Master of Divinity and a Master of Arts in Practical Theology - pastoral care at Columbia Theological Seminary.

Rachael is the creator of the Living-Death Doula Model for Pastoral Care and cofounder of Bible Queery, a facilitation collective geared toward queer wellness and reconstruction.

Rachael lives with their wife, Chelsea, and two fur-babies in Atlanta where they focus on talking about and working around death, grief, and death doulas.

Topics Discussed:

  • Upbringing: Faith did not help form identity, but kept Rachael from their identity
  • What if I am gay? Shameful hiding and living a double life
  • Life and Death Matters: Birth is beautiful burst of life, death is dark and terrible
  • Living-Death Narratives: Grief keeps disembodied beings stuck
  • What is available pastorally? Affirming theology (a.k.a. the Biblical case)
  • Persistent Queer Themes: Disassociation, minimizing, and spiritual rationing
  • Living-Death Directives: Start with zero expectations and consent conversations
  • Steps to a Better Life: Facilitation, accessible writing, and meaningful help

Links and Resources:

Rachael Ward’s Website - Queer in Faith Living-Death Doula Bible Queery American Academy of Religion (AAR) Mosaic Grief by Melissa Kelley Peter Levine from the Ergos Institute, Inc. Howard Thurman Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés Pure by Linda Kay Klein 2022 Q Christian Fellowship Conference Masterclass: 4 Practices You Can Start Now to Move Beyond Shame Queerology Podcast on Instagram Queerology Podcast on Twitter Beyond Shame by Matthias Roberts Matthias Roberts on Patreon

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