On Performative Allyship and Black Joy


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Are you afraid to walk in your own neighborhood? Tired of being blocked by white people who think they own the sidewalk? Are you an ally or accomplice?

Kashif Andrew Graham steps in as guest host for Matthias Roberts to talk to Rev. Broderick Greer about moving from allyship to accompliceship.

As a priest-on-staff at St. John’s Cathedral in Denver, Broderick directs liturgy and oversees ministry for people in their 20s and 30s.

Occasionally, Broderick offers lectures and facilitates conversations related to the interplay of culture, theology, and justice.

Broderick’s work has been in The Guardian, Teen Vogue, On Being, and The Washington Post.

Topics Discussed:

  • Current Events: Things are breaking everywhere—in a necessary way
  • Allyship or Accompliceship: Walk with Shawn or white saviorism on Nextdoor?
  • Ally Framework: Difference between support and privilege; charity and justice
  • Unfriended Friends: What is sustainable—ally or accomplice framework?
  • Toxic Positivity: Unveiling black/white relations and unrealistic perceptions
  • Disrespect and Disconnect White people don’t own the world
  • Social Media: Watching black death retraumatizes; reinforces white imagination
  • Sorry, Not Sorry: I’m not exhausted by being black
  • PRIDE: What it means to be a queer, black man

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