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Andrea Dalzell was told she could never become a nurse because of her disability. Never tell Andrea what she can and can’t do.

At five years old, Andrea was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis (TM), a neurological condition that causes paralysis. However, growing up using a wheelchair didn't stop her from pursuing a career in health care.

Today, Andrea is a registered nurse, disability advocate, and speaker. She studied biology and neuroscience in college to earn an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in nursing (RN, BSN).

As the first registered nurse who uses a wheelchair in New York City, thousands of clinicians, caregivers, and wheelchair users follow Andrea’s career pursuits as The Seated Nurse on Instagram.

Unhidden and unapologetically, Andrea is a queer, black woman with a disability.

Topics Discussed:

  • Faith and Identity: Sometimes shifts or stays stagnate
  • Why me? Why God? Why a diagnosis transforms a person’s life
  • Doctors, Prayers, and Pain: Need to be cured and whole in normal society
  • Special Ed Student: Picked on and scolded because of physical disability
  • My Mom, My Advocate: Disability doesn’t define or determine ability
  • Rage and Rebellion: Going against society when not allowed to be normal
  • Accessibility: Find your voice and strength to ask for help as a human being
  • Why Nursing School? Holistic approach to whole patient, not their diagnosis
  • All About Me to Advocacy Work: People with disabilities want equal opportunities
  • Fake It to Make It: Understand that you’re worthy, deserving, and included
  • Love Yourself: Mental health is what’s most important, so take care of you

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