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Blake Mundell wanted to be a worship songwriter, but quickly became disillusioned and transitioned to pop music. He now writes and records songs under the name, COURIER. Blake is recording a new album and his new single, Conversion, releases July 17.

Also, Blake is a sports massage therapist and on the medical staff for the Tennessee Titans. He’s an instructor of ethics, anatomy, and physiology at Mind Body Institute and is happiest when on a beach volleyball court.

Blake lives with his partner, Tim, and dog, Jesse.

Topics Discussed:

  • How Blake identifies in relationships and religion
  • How conversion therapy reates abusive and damaging sense of camaraderie
  • COURIER: Concept artist humanizes people and writes about life experiences
  • Words of Wisdom: Mess up, know it’s ok, but do what’s possible to not mess up
  • White Tears: Identity comes from community; give up power, give up what binds
  • Emotional Labor: Hard but necessary; white people need to become whole again
  • Theological Walls: Barrier from experiencing empathy due to what God made you

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