Brit Barron Thinks It's Worth It


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Brit Barron is a teacher, speaker, and author of the recently released book, Worth It: Overcome Your Fears and Embrace the Life You Were Made For.

Brit grew up in an evangelical church and eventually became the pastor of a megachurch at only 26 years old. It was truly too soon to understand herself, her dreams, and her sexuality.

That is, until Brit met Sami, a woman who changed, saved, and transformed her entire life. Brit decided to leave the church, get married to Sami, and come out. Choosing freedom is always worth it—no matter the cost.

Currently, Brit and Sami live in Austin, Texas, with their dog, Charles Barkley, and a house filled with plants that they treat like children.

Topics Discussed:

  • Identity: Female, lesbian, kind of tall, kind of Christian, and somebody’s wife
  • Fighter’s Mentality: Pure, true, Christian narrative competes with other options
  • Metaphor: Spring is always coming and new life is being birthed
  • On a Rampage: Remember, more than one thing can be true at the same time
  • Harm, Hard Work, Half Reality: Racist people can still be nice
  • Closeted to Coming Out: Breaking boundaries while wrestling with fear for truth
  • Right or Wrong Choices? Stop or continue to take the next step toward healing

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