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In January 2020, Netflix released a reality show titled, The Circle. One of the contestants was Chris Sapphire, a gay guy with a huge personality who talked about his faith in the first five minutes of the show.

Chris wasn’t playing a character. He is just as quirky and enthusiastic in real life. In this episode, Chris openly talks about depression and suicide using spirited language. He also describes neuroplasticity—within scripture, our minds can be renewed and that’s a promise from God.

Therapy is a recommended and important part of the renewal of our minds. If only spiritual means doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you.

Topics Discussed:

  • Faith Forms Identity: Christianity is fiber of Chris’s existence
  • Depressive State of Mind: Discovering God was saving grace from suicide
  • Bible vs. Bullying: School bus stop proves God’s prevention
  • God and the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you would want to be treated
  • Imperfectly Perfect: Sinner or saint? Surrender to Savior
  • Taking Notes: Chris’s time on The Circle spent writing Bible verses
  • Fear and Conflict: Deny documentary striving to disprove Jesus’s existence
  • Prayer and Affirmation: What if...? Optimistic, hopeful, life-changing experiences

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