A Devotee Is A Well-Wisher Of Everyone


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Lord Jesus Christ, what they did to him? They blasphemed him, they insulted him. They said “You call yourself the King of the Jews. Here, have a crown.” They made a crown out of sharp thorns, they pushed it on his head and pierced his skin and cause blood to flow all over his face. Then they spit on him, right in his face, they shoved him to the ground, they put a cross on his back, they forced him to carry it, meanwhile they were whipping him, beating him, insulting him, then they nailed him to the cross and then while he was in that most suffering and helpless condition, they began to just insult him more. “Yeah! just see where is your God. Now you're so great, the king of the Jews”. And Jesus with tears in his eyes, not for his own suffering but for them, tears of sympathy for them, he looked up to the heavens and he prayed to God “Oh! Father in heaven. Forgive them. They know not what they do.’ This is the quality of a Vaishnava. It is very important did you analyze your own hearts, how are you seeing the good qualities in others or how are you looking for the defects?

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