Glories of Sri Murari Gupta (Part 2)


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When Murari gupta revealed his heart in this way, wanting nothing but the opportunity to serve the Lord. dukhalayam asasvatam This material world is full of challenges, full of sufferings. There is always people like Ravana, big ones and little ones. Hanuman didn’t ask that the obstacles be removed, he didn’t ask that envious people be removed from his life. He only asked that in whatever situation let me always remember you and please you by being the servant of the servant of your servants and in his humility Hanumanji, as Murari gupta revealed, let me always be with your devotees who have that spirit. When Lord Chaitanya heard this, he began to cry. All the devotees began to cry. All the trees and flowers and animals and reptiles and insects began to cry. Even the stones started melting. This is the power of Murari gupta’s devotion and Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, he granted this benediction to his devotee and he said, “anyone who considers you to be an ordinary householder with a family who has an apparently material occupation of being a doctor is most unfortunate.” Murari gupta was great saint, he was the pure devotee of Krishna but he wasn’t a sanyasi. He wasn’t living like a very highly qualified learned brahman. He was a householder with family and he was performing his occupation. But Lord Chaitanya said, “Murari who is Krishna himself, is gupta, he is secretly living within your heart.” Prahalad, such a great devotee, he was born in a family of demons, the son of Hiranyakashipu. Ganjendra, that great devotee who surrendered to the Lord was a elephant. Hanuman, he was a monkey, he had no caste. There was nothing very prestigious about his birth but his devotion was something that lives forever in the hearts of all devotees and similary, Murari gupta, he appeared to be very ordinary person. Ordinary people just saw him as a doctor but those who were blessed by the Lord’s grace could see that he was a topmost devotee. He was Hanuman.

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