Offences To A Great Soul Leads to Loosing of Life Span And Good Qualities


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But Lord Chaitanya, He said “No. no no. Don't think like that. He's actually my friend. He's helping me become a good sanyasi. He is my guru’s God brother. So, he should be respected. If he says I eat too much, that means I eat too much. So from this day on, I will only have one handful of steamed rice, boiled rice. Nothing else.” And then even after he was doing like that. One day He was sitting in His room, Chaitanya Mahāprabhu and Ramachandra Puri came in and he saw two or three ants crawling on the floor. “Just this hypocrite nonsense Chaitanya calls Himself a sanyasi, makes everyone think He's eating so little but He's secretly in His room eating sweet meats and the proof is that these ants have come to taste the sugar dropped on the floor.” And Lord Chaitanya could have got up and took a Sudarshan Chakra and chopped his head off, like He did to Jagai and Madhai but because the offense was toward Him, if it was toward His devotee, Mahāprabhu would have, My God! what He would have done to Ramachandra Puri? But because the offense was toward Him, He was very humble. He just looked down and didn't say anything and He accepted whatever Ramchandra said as for His benefit. How forgiving was Chaitanya Mahāprabhu! How forgiving! How He was willing to see the good.

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