S4 EP 229: Hedging Against Inflation with Airbnb's with Steffany Boldrini


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"My favorite step is to go on Airbnb itself and see how many homes with two or three or how many you are targeting to purchase are available in this coming weekend, two weekends from now, during the holidays, and try to really understand if there's enough demand in that area."

Today's guest is Steffany Boldrini, Principle at Monte Carlo Real Estate Investing in San Francisco. Listen in to learn how she strategically utilizes AirBnB's as a hedge against growing inflation and how she has been able to successfully diversify her company, and portfolio, across three different asset classes in a short time.

Key Takeaway:

Building wealth through real estate investing isn’t a fantasy. It’s one of the most historically proven assets for growing significant wealth across generations. By recognizing this, along with the tremendous advantages it provides such as a hedge against inflation, real estate investing really does transform lives.

How to Contact Steffany:

Website: https://montecarlorei.com

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