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An entity appears out of nowhere in the backseat of a woman’s car, what did it want?
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“I tell her "I'll get out in a minute I just want to finish my song" she was really panicking at this point in tears and says, "No seriously, Charley, get out of the fucking car!" So, I get out angry because she is rushing me. When I get up to her, she tells me "I see someone behind you" and I am like "oh bullshit stop fucking around 🙄" she said " I am serious, I seen a woman behind you, she had long hair and really long nails. She looked evil" so skip ahead we finish loading all her stuff onto the trailer she was pulling, and we start to take off but before we make it out of the driveway, she put the truck in park got out crying and told me that the lady in my backseat was on the back of the trailer holding on. So, we eventually get to where we were going, and I decided to snap a picture of my back seat. And there she is... someone was in my backseat!”
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