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Spiritual Gift Series: Hospitality

Howdy folks! On this season of the Real Marriage Podcast, we want to help you find out what gifts you have and how you can use those to serve your spouse and minister to your family. Also along the way we will be sharing some stories of church leaders from the past with marriages that inspire us! Each week will be discussing a different spiritual gift to help you not only identify the gifts you have, but excel in them for the glory of God.

Today's episode is all about the gift of hospitality, a gift that Grace is a pro in. We're talking all about how this gift can help support so many others.

Quick Quotes:

"Paul is the original writer of “the love languages” The way we love one another is how we use our gifts to each other"

"Hospitality = strangers and outsiders, Fellowship = time with believers"

"We are at our best in marriage & in ministry when we figure out how our gifts work better together."

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