Breonna Queen: Leverage Online Video and Build Your On-Camera Confidence


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Today’s guest is Breonna Queen. She is a go-to when Lauren wants to learn more about video. She teaches video but has also built her entire personal brand on the platform. In this episode, you’ll learn how to get comfortable showing up on video, what to do to grow your YouTube viewers on the granular level, and how Breonna repurposes one video into several pieces of content and creates all of her content for months within a two-hour video shoot.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. How Breonna Queen transitioned from social media management to video production.
  2. Why you need to create content that allows your audience to see you as a problem solver.
  3. The top three reasons people avoid being on video and how to overcome your fear of it.
  4. Popular does not equal profitable and what you can do to increase visibility, create sales, and break through the noise.
  5. How you can intentionally repurpose content and video on different platforms and some of the tricks Breonna Queen uses to work smarter instead of harder.
  6. The one thing you can do to organically grow your audience and serve them well.
  7. Why you need to be consistent and strategic with all of your content.
  8. Breonna Queen’s best practices for creating video content that works.
  9. How you can battle a negative mindset and why you should be intentional about who you follow.
  10. Her biggest business surprise in the past year.
  11. The video myths she most wants to be debunked.

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