LadyGang’s Keltie Knight: Confessions Of An Overachiever, How To Re-Define Success & Stop Being So Hard On Yourself


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Keltie Knight is a New York Times’ best selling author and co-founder of The LadyGang Podcast, which has over 100 million downloads! (She’s also a 2x Emmy winning host and former Radio City Rockette… it’s casual!) While Keltie has been wildly successful in everything she has done, in today's episode you will hear how her definition of success has changed and how all that glitters isn’t always gold. Keltie shares why personal achievements need to be equally important as career achievements, and how to give yourself grace when the going gets tough. If you’ve ever felt stressed and overwhelmed with a need to achieve, don’t miss this! Connect with Keltie on Instagram @Keltie or by listening to The Lady Gang anywhere you get your podcasts!

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