Best of 2021: A Year in Review


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Best of 2021: Year in Review

Oh, what a year! There have been highs and lows, but we brought the best of the best with this top 10 countdown of our most popular episodes of the year. Counting down from the tenth most downloaded episode to the number one most downloaded show was a sweet trip for me down memory lane. I’m sure these shows are some of your faves as well. Be sure to listen to today’s episode for my commentary on the significance of each show.

Top 10 Relationship Podcast Episodes in 2021

10 – Episode 69: Oral Sex: Oh My! (Shameless Sex Series)

9 – Episode 55: How to Get Over an Argument Quickly (Young & Married Series)*

9 – Episode 25: Lies Women Believe about Sex – with Molly Moses (All About Sex Series)*

*Episode 55 & Episode 25 tied for the #9 spot.

8 – Episode 48: Setting Realistic Expectations in Marriage – with Jenard Moore (Young & Married Series)

7 – Episode 27: Lopsided Libido: How to Deal with Different Sex Drives (All About Sex Series)

6 – Episode 24: Rethinking Intimacy – Redefining Sex – with Sheila Wray-Gregoire (All About Sex Series)

5 – Episode 41: When Life Falls Apart: Unearthing Treasure in the Unexpected – with Hallie Lord (Hope Series)

4- Episode 26: Making Love Outside the Bedroom – with Shaun Williams (All About Sex Series)

3 – Episode 36: How Guys Think: A Single Man Bares All – with Avery Martin (Single AF Series)

2 – Episode 40: Dealing with Disappointments (Hope Series)

1 – Episode 49: 5 Boundaries Every Marriage Needs (Young & Married Series)

I hope you enjoy listening (or re-listening) to these episodes! And tell me, what was your favorite episode or episodes from the podcast?


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