When Opportunity Meets Reality: Real Estate in a Post-Covid World


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The Interview: Nick Halaris, president at Metros Capital, welcomes Jim Rehlaender, CEO at JLP Asset Management, to discuss the US housing market, Covid-19's impact on real estate, and the effects of rising raw materials prices. He argues that rising construction costs and heightened demand for suburban land have contributed to the increase in home prices. This has presented a unique opportunity in rental properties as families decide where they want to settle after the pandemic. Rehlaender does not believe that high lumber prices are sustainable as an uptick in interest rates and delaying developments will curtail the demand for homes. The pair also discuss the impact on commercial real estate as businesses decide if their employees will return to work in person or remain remote.

Recorded on June 8, 2021. Key Learnings: Rehlaender explains his firm’s strategy of investing in publicly listed companies that are owners or operators of real estate assets. As Rehlaender analyzes potential investments, he ensures that the company has a good management team and an effective business strategy. He stresses that it is important to invest in people that can help poorly managed properties recover. However, if Rehlaender's team does not understand the market dynamics or property type, they will avoid investing in that company.

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