#23 - Aleesha Barlow: Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse


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TW: Sexual Abuse

Today we are diving straight into a very important but also sensitive topic: Aleesha talks about being a survivor of child sexual abuse. After years of being molested by her grandad and being told by her mother to keep it quiet, she was finally able to speak up about her traumatic experiences. Aleesha has since written two best selling books. She aims to sweep the secrets from under the rug, urging children and adults to “tell somebody today” as silence and shame are big contributors to this widely spread issue. Aleesha has been able to break her generational curse, as she reveals that her grandfather was himself molested. She has been able to work on her trauma, find peace and forgive her grandfather and mother. Aleesha urges child molesters to seek help and wants parents to teach their children to recognise and speak up about wrongful and inappropriate behaviour through her book “Tell Somebody

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