How to Go from Charging $100 to $1000/song as a Full-Stack Producer - Jordan Valeriote [Bonus Episode]


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Jordan Valeriote is a producer, mixer, and engineer specializing in hardcore music who fast-tracked his decade-plus career from assistant working with Usher, Timbaland, Serena Ryder and The Jonas Brothers to a successful major label producer for Silverstein, Antimacy, the Dead and Divine, and Prophets for the Counterparts, Nick Johnston, Forevermore, Great Lakes, Mandroid Echostar, and Skynet.

Jordan is also an educator at Hardcore Music Studio helping to transform students around the world from home studio hobbyists to top-tier rock and heavy music producers. He has helped thousands of music producers learn how to produce powerful rock records and build successful careers from their music studios.

In this episode, Jordan shows you how to go from charging $100 to $1000/song as a full-stack producer while understanding the 4 key ingredients for how to capture raw tracks in your studio that sound better than most people’s final mixes.

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