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My guest today is Brian Murphree mastering engineer at Soundporter Mastering in Spring Hill TN. After recording his first band in 1994 at a studio in Decatur, AL, and taking the mix-engineer helm in 1999 for his punk band, Random Conflict, followed by a 5-year stint with Surf Rock band, Daikaiju, Brian has been focused on recording, mixing, and mastering for underground artists who might lack the budget to track in major professional studios.

Brian spent 20 years recording, mixing, and mastering music in the North Alabama, Middle TN area, helping artists find their best sounds without blowing their budget. For the past 4 years, he has focused solely on mastering and has been able to grow his client list even in the challenging climate of COVID-19.

Grammy-winning “Boo” Mitchell of Memphis’ Royal Studios, Mark Slaughter, Melly Baldwin, and BZ Lewis are just a few clients Brian has worked with and his goal is to always help his clients realize their best production and mix no matter who they are, and to do it without breaking the bank.

Brian takes pride as a mastering engineer in being easy to work with and helpful at the early stages before you even think your mix is ready for mastering. And Since Brian and Soundporter are a welcome sponsor on the podcast also I thought it would be cool to have Brian as a guest on the show so that we can get to know him better and discover “how to get your mix ready for mastering”.

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