RSR286 - Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown With Roger Alan Nichols - the Making of the New Album Pressure


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My guests today are Roger Alan Nichols and Tyler Bryant. Roger has been a guest on the show before to talk about producing great rock records with his band Dreaming In English and artists like Paramore, Seal, Larking Poe, and Steven Tyler and you can hear his story on episode RSR45.

But today we are here to talk about the records he makes with the other Tyler of Nashville based rock band Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown. Tyler is a gifted singer and guitarist who has released four successful studio albums with his band. He has toured with such groups as Jeff Beck, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Guns N' Roses and Lynyrd Skynyrd, as well as playing several rock focused music festivals. The group's current lineup consists of Tyler Bryant (lead guitar & vocals), Graham Whitford (rhythm guitar), Ryan Fitzgerald (bass), and Caleb Crosby (drums).

Recently Roger recorded Tyler and the band for their new record Pressure and powerful driving rock album that sounds like Audioslave, The Foo Fighters, and Tom Petty all wrapped up in one with killer guitar tones, Swampy slide playing, and soulful songs.

Somehow they managed to pull off this record at a time when most of the world was hiding away or venting on social media. So it’s great to hear some creative fire come out of the speakers.

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