RSR298 - Peter Deimel - Recording Analog Post Punk in France at Black Box Studio


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My guest today is Peter Deimel, recording engineer and owner of studio Black Box in the French countryside of the Anjou region, close to the Loire Valley. Peter is a native German living and working in France since 1993 having attended the Technische Universität to study acoustics, electronics and communication techniques.

After school, Peter began learning from Chicago based engineer Iain Burgess who was also Steve Albini’s mentor. As a UK native Iain Burgess had wanted to return to Europe and called to discuss the idea of building a residential studio in France with Peter. A few months later they bought an old farm in the french countryside and built their “dream studio”, studio Black Box.

Eleven years ago Iain sadly passed away but almost 28 years later Peter is still there happily recording music and running the studio with his wife Sylvie. Peter’s discography encompasses a variety of music in a variety of languages and consistently sounds great for each genre.

Thanks to Steve Albini for making our introduction.

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