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My guest today is William Bowser an audio engineer based out of La Plata Maryland.

“I've been engineering for almost 20 years since 2002 where I started in the chorus room of Leonardtown High School, just myself, a microphone, and a tape recorder. From there for years I ran a home studio as an artist, producer, singer, songwriter, rapper, and engineer trying to make it and perform all over the country.

I signed a developmental deal early on in my career with Universal Music and an indie label based out of Brooklyn New York which at the time was my most successful endeavour. When that fell through because of monetary mismanagement on the label's part I went back to being an independent artist but this time more informed and with a larger grasp of the business side of music.

I began slowly but surely becoming more and more enamoured with the engineering side of things while bringing my skills and experience as an artist to the table. This helped me not only cross over easier but get jobs engineering for studios in Southern Maryland, Baltimore, and Atlanta Georgia.

Fast forward after going through both a divorce and personal growth I was blessed to meet my now wife and Co-Owner of the studio (Quality Touch Studios) Tracy Bowser.

The birth of my son signalled a new chapter in my life that changed everything from being more responsible to holding myself accountable for the actions that directly now affect my family as well as, myself and my career. Now here I am doing major work, being attached to millions of plays and achieving all my life goals one at a time, and letting God lead the way.”

Thanks to Patrick Rene aka Killah Trakz for making our introduction.

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