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My guest today is Adam Krinsky a Mixer/Engineer in Minneapolis, MN. He owns and runs a studio in St. Paul, MN called Bellows. In his 15 years of music, he has been a Producer, Engineer, Mixer, FOH Mixer, Tour Manager, Manager, and Educator.

Adam’s career started after graduating from the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis. He was hired by the owner and co-founder Tom Tucker as his assistant engineer at Master Mix Studios. In parallel to working in a big fancy studio, he was also moonlighting in a small punk rock basement studio called Vaudeville. A million dollar studio during the day, a Mackie and 57’s at night. Krinsky started working at a local guitar shop called Twin Town Guitars which is where he met many of the local musicians.

In 2006 he recorded and mixed an album called A Detail of Soldiers by The Alarmists which received local recognition. Since he has never been without a project to mix. Over the years Adam has worked on albums for artists like Bo Ramsey, Mason Jennings, The Pines, Kill The Vultures, Sadistik, and Peter Wolf Crier to name a few. These artists range in genre’s from Blues and Folk to Hip-Hop to Indie Rock.

Somewhere along the way, he was asked to go on the road. Reluctantly he eventually tried it out and found a second passion in touring. He’s since mixed FOH for artists like Iris DeMent, Mason Jennings, Har Mar Superstar, Marijuana Deathsquads, The Pines, and Trampled by Turtles to name a few. He has also taught at a few recording schools and was a field mixer for the 6th Season of Jersey Shore. These days Krinsky is either mixing in his studio or on tour with Trampled by Turtles.

Thanks so much to Evan Bakke for making our introduction!

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