#56 – Christy Chavez and Nichole Apedaile: Supporting a Loved One in Recovery


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I am Christy Chavez the mother of a 26 year old 31 month recovering heroine addict and very passionate about addiction and I know how important sharing our story as the support people is!!! We are trying to end the stigma of addiction by sharing our amazing story, the practices we did to support my son and how important great support is for a loved one in recovery!!! I can be reached on Instagram @christy.chavez29 if you have any questions or need someone to talk to!!!

I’m Nichole Apedaile and I’m an active support for my brother who is a recovering heroin addict. I’m passionate about sharing the importance and part support people can play in the addiction and recovery process. I’m currently going to school go be a therapist to help those struggling with addiction. You can follow me/reach me with any questions at @nicchic5 on Instagram!

Find out more at http://www.recoverysurvey.com

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