#88: Delegate Tasks With Confidence | Crystal Coleman


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When you’re running a business at the six or seven-figure level, you don’t have time to manage everything yourself. That's where a Certified Online Business Manager comes in - to free you from the day to day operations so that you can focus on the parts of your biz that need you most.

Crystal brings the strategy, the tech, and the plan for implementation to make sure your ideas progress beyond the "great idea" stage to serve your business to scale and grow.

Crystal's clients describe her as an operations whiz. And, she's excited by systems and processes, which tends to be a gap for most entrepreneurs.

She works with her clients and their teams on a one-to-one basis, focusing on support for six-figure online entrepreneurs: Business Coaches & Trainers, Marketers and Thought Leaders.

She's also a homeschool mom to two high-schoolers and she is a barnyard diva! Her family raises turkeys, chickens, and goats for personal consumption on their small acreage in rural Alberta.

Find out more and connect with Crystal here:

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/crystalmcoleman/




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