211: Adjusting Wellness Offerings in Response to COVID with Laura Berry, Manager of Employer Wellness and Tammy Oechsle, Wellbeing Program Director


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With the emergence of COVID and the sudden shift to sending employees home, wellness professionals had to pivot their offerings quickly. The focus had to shift from in person, planned activities to remote working and lots of uncertainty.

Today’s guests, Laura Berry, Manager of Employer Wellness at Quartz Health Solutions and Tammy Oechsle, Wellbeing Program Director at Western National Insurance offer a report from the trenches on altering wellness programs in light of COVID and how the tools they learned in the Redesigning Wellness Academy proved valuable.

In this episode, Laura and Tammy share their reactions when COVID first hit and how it impacted them personally and professionally. They share their programs that were successful and those that were less so. They each discuss the progress they’ve made on mental health programming and discuss their plans and considerations looking forward to 2021. Finally, they each give a tangible tip to success for other wellness professionals.

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