216: Supporting Front Line Workers with Linda Montgomery, Senior Vice President of Engagement Services at WorkLife Partnership


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The widespread financial hardships of COVID-19 have illuminated just how much some employees, especially frontline and lower waged workers, are struggling with basic necessities like food security, shelter, and transportation. Today’s guest, Linda Montgomery, Senior Vice President of Engagement Services at WorkLife Partnership, knows that oftentimes simply presenting resources isn’t enough to stabilize an employee in the midst of the struggle.

In her career with WorkLife Partnership, Linda brings a passion for addressing employee needs where they begin - with the quality of individual lives. WorkLife Partnership holds an employee’s hand every step of the way through hardship, not only resulting in quicker and more permanent stabilization but also providing cost savings to the employer through lower employee turnover.

In this episode, Linda discusses how WorkLife Partnership works with employers and gives a few examples of how they might help a struggling employee. She explains the navigator and research team set up they use and how managers might discover which employees need assistance.

Finally, Linda offers success stories of organizations and leaders that are helping their workforce and leaves wellness professionals with a tangible tip on how to start.

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