Priya Satia: Fascism, Imperialism & the Value of Historical Analogies


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Coco Das talks with historian Priya Satia about her recent article for the LA Review of Books: Fascism and Analogies — British and American, Past and Present. Priya Satia is the Raymond A. Spruance Professor of International History at Stanford University, focusing on the history of Britain and its empire. She is the award-winning author of Spies in Arabia (2008) and Empire of Guns (2018). Her new book, Time's Monster: How History Makes History, is out now. Follow her on Twitter @PriyaSatia.

Then, Carl Dix talks about the Jim Crow era and the roots of the current assault on voting rights that is is sweeping the country. His presentation starts with a clip from a speech by Bob Avakian. Carl’s presentation is an excerpt of a longer event held at Revolution Books NYC - you can view the full event here. Follow Carl on Twitter at @Carl_Dix.

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