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Ellen Polishuk provides consulting services to farmers around the country at PlantToProfit.com. She works with growers to design and improve production systems, to assess individual crop and enterprise profitability, make soil fertility recommendations, and to foster leadership capability so that farms can function smoothly and pleasurably. Clients work with Ellen via email, phone and site visits when needed. For many clients, Ellen acts as a coach, someone to help think through various management decisions, and troubleshoot both production and labor problems.


0:00 Introduction

6:58 Tillage

13:20 Cover crops

20:06 Hay mulching

25:14 Compost

30:27 Farm finances

34:14 Ellen’s thoughts on market validation

36:28 Farm labor


Plant to Profit: https://www.planttoprofit.com/

Ellen’s Book: https://amzn.to/3FOlbwM

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