Self-representation and AI-enabled “trial playbooks” with Sonja Ebron


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In episode no. 66, I speak with Sonja Ebron, founder of Courtroom5. The discussion covers:

  • Sonja’s personal experience as a litigant and how that relates to her work today;
  • The types of matters Courtroom5 is best (and not!) suited to, who and how it assists;
  • How the patterns in the law support AI, and how that fast-tracks self-represented litigants’ understanding of their matters;
  • The factors for litigants to do best using Courtroom5;
  • The tools Courtroom5 employs to alleviate emotional distress;
  • The importance of support during litigation and how Courtroom5 provides that;
  • What a “trial playbook” is;
  • How Courtroom5 engages with courts and legal assistance organisations;
  • Judges’ bias against self-represented litigants???
  • The structure and composition of Courtroom5’s team;
  • Why Courtroom5 constantly seeks customer feedback;
  • Key factors that drive development of the product; The biggest change since Courtroom5 commenced in 2017;
  • Who are the unexpected users of Courtroom5;
  • What has given the company “the biggest boost”;
  • How Courtroom5 address the challenges of keeping information up to date;
  • What keeps the founders working on such an intractable problem; and
  • Sonja’s definition of legal innovation.

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