A Deep Dive into Body Positivity with Dumplin’ (ft. Julie Murphy & Angie Manfredi)


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The right book at the right time can provide kids with models of self-love that can guide them through growing pains. Today on Remember Reading, host Katie Dutton unpacks a book that does just that for young readers. Join us as we head to West Texas, where we enter a beauty pageant, do some Dolly Parton fan-folking, and talk drag and self-love through the lens of one of our all-time favorite characters, Ms. Willowdean Dixon, the plus-sized heroine of Julie Murphy's 2015 breakout book, Dumplin'. To learn more about the Dumplin’ series, visit harpercollins.com/collections/books-series-dumplin Do you have a story about how a classic book changed your life? Tweet @readingpod or email us at readingpod@harpercollins.com. Learn more at rememberreading.com. And, leave us a review on Apple Podcasts. [:47] The idea for Dumplin’ was inspired by a series of photographs but Julie needed time to process her feelings before writing the book. [2:19] Why Angie Manfredi was excited about the publishing announcement of Dumplin’. [5:24] The fat characters who influenced Julie and Angie as children. [7:06] In the book, Dumplin’s love life disrupts common misconceptions about what makes one worthy of love. [11:03] Willowdean’s obsessions with Dolly Parton and drag culture are sourced directly from Julie’s passions. [19:14] The ‘Other’ F Word essay collection was born out of a conversation Angie had with a group of skinny teenagers. [21:18] Julie explains how Dumplin’ gives credence to the understanding that all bodies are worth advocating for. [23:32] Angie recalls an example of how Dumplin’ sparks important conversations with young readers. Continue Your Journey: Julie Murphy - www.imjuliemurphy.com Fat Girl Reading - https://fatgirlreading.com HarperCollins - www.harpercollins.com Remember Reading Podcast - www.harpercollins.com/pages/remember-reading-podcast @ReadingPod on Twitter

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