Episode 68: All You Need to Know About Virtual Fitness from Someone Who Has Taught Over 500 Hours


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Over the last 17 months, fitness coach MC KIM has accumulated over 500 hours of virtually training people online over Zoom, Google Meets, Webex, Jitsi, YouTube, you name the platform and he has done it.

The programs ranged from, Strength Training with weights, Kettlebells, bodyweight workouts, core and mobility, stretches, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, to youth programs such as Self Defence for all girls group and Boxing for all boys class.

In this episode he will share with you tips and lessons learned from exercising at home so that you can maximize your training.

This podcast will cover:

  • How to Effectively Workout at Home
  • The Best Type of Equipment for Training at Home
  • How to Keep Fitness Regiments Fresh and Exciting
  • Best Ways to Start and Stay on Track with your Fitness Goals


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