EP290 How Vertical Integration in His Real Estate Business Helped him Create a $15M Portfolio with Cory Nemoto


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My guest today started at the bottom during the Great Recession by knocking doors to find leads for his fix & flip business. Fast-forward to today and he controls and manages over $15 Million in real estate and is the co-owner & founder of KECO Capital based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Cory Nemoto specializes in deal sourcing and valuations, acquisitions, financing, investor relations, and project management. Today we’re going to discuss his fix & flip investing, entrepreneurship, and how to be comfortable about being uncomfortable.

Cory is going to take us through his vertically integrated business structure where he has a team to find acquisition opportunities, fund them, rehab them, and either sell or manage them. Cory will take us through the in’s and out’s of financing and private lending and explain the purpose of a ‘Dutch’ loan.

Cory’s passion for real estate and entrepreneurism is very evident in this conversation and I know you’re going to enjoy what he has to share. You can find Cory on social media and through his website www.kecocapital.com

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