AMERICAN DISSIDENT VOICES 6.15.21: A Tale of Two Massacres


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FOR THE LAST month and more, we’ve heard again and again from the bought politicians and the Jews’ talking heads on our telescreens about the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, which occurred 100 years ago this month. But they don’t call it the Tulsa Race Riot any more — it’s the “Tulsa Race Massacre” or the “Black Wall Street Massacre.” Instead of a conflict between the races in Tulsa, in which Blacks fired the first shots, and in which both Whites and Blacks were killed, our Jewish media and political overlords, and their sycophants, and their employees like Joe Biden, have tried to portray it as a one-sided attack on Blacks by Whites, supposedly prompted — and here’s a really ridiculous claim — by White jealousy of Black financial success. G: ResolutionRDO & KevinStrom TG: ResolutionRDO Support Resolution RADIO. Every $ helps us upgrade & purchase advertising! M.O. to Sonny Thomas or well concealed cash to P.O. Box 27 Springboro, Ohio 45066

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