Return to Roshar Episode 3 ~ To Question ~ Jasnah's Prologue


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Welcome to Return to Roshar, where we speak again the Ancient Oaths by going through Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Books and put everything into a wider Cosmere context. So, a spoiler warning is in effect for every Cosmere book published at the time of recording, and that means up to Rhythm of War, for now.

In this episode of R2R, Anna, Ben, and Dee discuss the Prologue of Words of Radiance - To Question, featuring Jashnah Kholin during the night her father, King Gavilar, was assassinated.

Join us this time, as our Radiant hosts discuss the various schemes Jasnah is involved in that fateful evening, random theories on what Liss could be up to, and Jasnah's first experimentation with surgebinding. Also, we don't really like Aesudan.

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As always: Journey before destination, and we hope you'll return to Roshar with us again, next time!

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