#556 Arden Bevere - "Redefined"


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Join Alisa in today's podcast interview with Arden Bevere.

Lazy, broken, entitled, and lost are just a few of the many negative labels that millennials have been given from older generations. In his new book, Redefined: Confronting the Labels That Limit Us, Arden Bevere, cofounder of Sons & Daughters and son of John and Lisa Bevere, confronts 10 negative labels that have been given to millennials and redefines them with truthful words that shine a light on their God-given identity.

Bevere shares his parent’s boldness and passion for raising up a generation of uncompromising followers of Christ who will transform the world. He wants readers to find freedom from controlling influences in their lives and provides wisdom beyond his years on how to break free from them.

“Our generation is called to change the world. I truly believe that. But in order to step into our full potential and true identity, we must redefine the way we see ourselves,” writes Bevere. “My prayer is that we will not be a generation defined by past labels but by God’s calling to bring hope, healing, and change wherever we go.”

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