Retro RHLSTP 13 - Louis Theroux


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#13 Pathetic - Richard is very excited to meet the man who made him give up viewing porn (temporarily), Groove is in the Heart dancer and park ranger Louis Theroux. With a bad choice of words Richard almost Merchants the podcast early on and the interviewer becomes the interviewee as Herring gets Therouxed and opens up about his pre-marital life.

Will he be the subject of one of Louis’ future documentaries? Can there be a more insulting thing to happen to a person given the broken people he generally focuses on. Louis’ interview with Jimmy Savile is analysed in depth. Should he have spotted the monster lurking beneath the surface? Plus revelations about fagging for Nick Clegg, the bullying of Max Clifford and having your bits ripped off by a chimp. It’s a fascinating 90 minute chat, more serious than usual, but still very funny.



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