A Weapon for Capitalism: Financial Education


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Today it’s clearer than ever, the problem facing millions of people around the world is the lack of financial education being taught in our schools. In this episode, our guests discuss how what the world needs more now than ever is entrepreneurs and investors with a high financial IQ, who have the financial education to understand money and how it works.

Robert Kiyosaki learned about how money works by playing Monopoly® with his rich dad. He said, “Rich dad was using the game Monopoly to train me to think like a capitalist.”

Rich Dad Advisor and the author of 401(k)aos and Stock Market Cash Flow teaches his two sons about money by playing the CASHFLOW Board Game and says, “The game has taught my kids what Capitalism really is.” He goes on to explain how the CASHFLOW Board Game is a weapon for capitalism.

Hosts Robert and Kim Kiyosaki are joined by Rich Dad Advisor Andy Tanner and Millennial Money Host Alexandra Gonzalez to discuss how to transform yourself financially by playing the CASHFLOW Board Game.

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