270 - Alan Briggs " 12 axioms that will change your life; move from reactive to proactive"


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You pop out of bed on Monday feeling frantic. You’re ten minutes behind because you hit snooze and the anxiety is pumping through your veins.

The week ahead is looming over you. You scroll through your emails, pop into Instagram and scramble to pick out your clothes. You pull the kids out of bed and race around the kitchen helping them pack their lunches. After all the chaos at home you get to the office ten minutes late.

You’re behind. Again.

Resource to consult

We designed the Right Side up Journal to help you make the shift from reactive life and leadership to proactive life and leadership. We created a short tutorial video and long tutorial video to help you best utilize this.

Questions to answer

What micro decisions can you look ahead and make proactively every day?

What larger decisions are approaching that you can make now?

What tool/s will help you plan ahead? (Of course, we recommend the Right Side up Journal, and this is exactly why we created it)

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