Ep.17 Headbangers Ball (part 1) From Riki Rachtman's view


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Headbangers Ball was one of the most popular shows on MTV. The biggest Hard Rock and Heavy Metal bands in the world were on that show and even though there were several hosts. Riki Rachtman has always been the face of the program . For some reason even though it what the Cathouse owner is most recognized for he has been unusually quiet about his whole time on MTV......Until now

Riki tells us candidly his perspective of going from just a guy that had a club in Hollywood to being the Internationally known face of Heavy Metal. A position he was not entirely comfortable with.

This will be a special Cathouse Hollywood Podcast in Several parts and in Part 1. Riki goes into the origin of the word "Headbanger" who said it first? Who came up with the term "Headbangers Ball" What does Howard Stern,Ozzy,Sam Kinison and Riki have in common. Who hosted Headbangers Ball before Riki? What role did Axl Rose play in landing Riki his gig.

Riki has yet to write a book and has no plans to do so but we can only imagine this is what that book might be like

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