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Gaurav Valani has helped hundreds of clients break out of their career ruts and take control of their futures as Founder and CEO of CareerSprout.
In this episode, we discuss the risks of staying at one company for too long, how to effectively negotiate a great salary, what makes a personal story memorable, and MUCH more.
If you’re looking to make a career change, level-up your role, boost your salary, break into entrepreneurship, or all of the above, this episode is a must listen.
00:00 Intro
02:46 Gaurav’s Elon Musk story
09:17 Getting over Imposter Syndrome
12:58 Be aware of how your mindset came to be
14:29 One of the biggest mistakes is staying with one company
16:23 How long should you stay at one company?
17:16 What is your M&M Store?
20:08 Ask “what problem do I want to get good at solving?”
23:01 The right way to network with a company
28:04 Negotiating starting salary
30:09 How to distinguish yourself and your story
33:04 An example of how to tell a compelling personal story
35:43 An example of how to be authentic in the interview
38:26 Specific language to use with an HR hiring manager and interviewer
45:32 Demonstrating humility and EQ
47:16 Salary negotiation in general
52:59 Asking for lower base but higher commissions and title
54:47 How to think about your career as an investment – abundance mindset
57:59 Meteoric success and moving on when you’re on top
59:03 Thoughts for aspiring entrepreneurs
1:03:50 Recap
1:04:44 Where to find Gaurav
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