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In this episode, we reflect on connections between episodes, guests, and real world events. We provide our insights and tips on podcast promotion, co-hosting a podcast, and deeper engagement with people. We also talk about some of the necessary skills humans will need to have in the future and what we are doing to become better at those skills.
0:00 Examples of synchronicity
3:44 Revisiting “Wisdom is Bliss”
8:28 Always learning
9:51 How to use social media to grow your podcast
11:04 Integrating what you learn into your life
13:20 The skill every podcaster is working on
15:09 How to co-host a podcast
17:41 The most challenging interviews
18:41 Depth and Pace
20:15 Being a student of podcasters
21:26 Focusing on what guests are most interested in
24:37 You could be much better at listening
27:47 The American luxury of elections without violence
29:20 The power of untruthful stories
31:49 The story of a shaman’s snake
33:24 Everyone starts with zero followers
36:40 You choose your own life
40:29 Keep smiling
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