Finding Purpose in the Second Half of Life with Dr. James Hollis


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Dr. James Hollis is one of the world’s most published and distinguished living Jungian analysts with a total of 16 books to his name – truly a giant in his field.
In this episode we discuss finding purpose in the second half of life, identifying our own inner authority, overcoming fear and lethargy, and building healthier relationships.
“Ask yourself but who am I apart from my roles, apart from my functions in life, apart from my resume? Then the journey gets interesting.”
00:00 Intro
1:17 Jim’s mid-life depression at 35 years of age
5:12 Separating the noise from the signal in our own mind
12:24 Identifying our complexes and facing our neurosis
18:05 How our childhood experiences form our perception of the world
22:35 How to help kids get over their fear of monsters
23:50 Why do we turn to addiction?
26:30 “Habit gives the sense that the uncontrollable nature of life is under our control”
27:42 Facing the inherent chaos in life
29:26 Wisdom for introverts
29:18 What is the proper role of the ego?
35:47 Dreams are nature’s language
40:30 Jung’s conversation with the Jungian author Robert A. Johnson
43:22 “The chief contribution of popular culture today is distraction”
45:33 The twin gremlins of fear and lethargy
46:54 Jim’s 6-word motto
48:03 Literature and the human experience across history
52:59 Getting in contact with a deeper authority
53:49 What is a healthy relationship?
59:21 Why we feel betrayed in mid-life
1:00:26 What does it mean to be a grown-up?
1:02:09 The wounded masculine
“Prisms: Reflections on this Journey We Call Life ” by Dr. James Hollis
The Eden Project: In Search of the Magical Other
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