The Changing Landscape of American Life


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Did you know that the 2020 U.S. Census could show the smallest decade-long population growth rate in American history?
In this episode, we talk about changes taking place across the housing market, demographics, migration, and fertility that will shape the future of American life.
00:45 The new necessities of the housing market
2:26 The supply demand dynamics in the current market
4:29 Exceptionally high activity in home sales
5:52 The bidding wars taking place and the fierce competition
6:46 Low housing inventory goes all the way back to ‘08
9:25 The rise of the virtual tour
13:49 Millennials are buying homes, but will it continue?
17:54 Work-from-home trend will allow 2M more millennials to buy homes
19:36 How the pandemic is reshaping the design of cities
21:10 Are houses affordable for Millennials?
22:52 Millennials learned how to be good savers from ‘08
24:57 Covid’s impact on fertility
29:52 Census Bureau migration trends
32:34 The diversity of America moving forward
35:03 The long-term credit cycle
39:07 Biggest takeaways
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