The Physics of Climate Change with Dr. Lawrence Krauss


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Did you know?
Each day, over 10,000 times the total energy used by humanity comes down from the sun
Dr. Lawrence Krauss is an internationally-known theoretical physicist and the author of hundreds of articles and more than ten books. He received his PhD from M.I.T. in 1982 and was subsequently selected by the Harvard Society of Fellows for his exceptional scholarship. He spent nearly four decades teaching at several of the nation’s finest universities and currently serves as President of The Origins Project Foundation.
In this episode, we sit down with Lawrence to discuss his new book, “The Physics of Climate Change.” In this eye-opening conversation we discuss the carbon cycle, the history of climate science, the near-term and long-term effects of carbon emissions, potential tipping points, and the path forward.
0:00 – Intro
1:31 – Mekong River as a microcosm of climate change
05:24 – Recent realizations of the severity of sea-level change
06:55 – It’s in the developed world’s self-interest to mitigate climate change
09:06 – The potential future of metropolitan coastal cities
09:57 – A summary of the carbon cycle and the early role of carbon dioxide
13:53 – Climate science is not new
16:42 – The reason why time is of the essence with carbon emissions
18:55 – Carbon in the atmosphere has been measured every day since 1958
22:32 – Who was Svante Arrhenius?
24:59 – Who was Newt Angstrom?
26:36 – Why excess carbon dioxide leads to excess radiation absorption on Earth
29:53 – Correlation is not causation
30:39 – Solar energy
32:21 – Why the “greenhouse effect” is a misnomer
35:42 – Nearly certain predictions vs. potential future tipping points
44:48 – Addressing the climate change deniers
50:53 – The oceans’ role in climate change
54:43 – Our best bet is reduction in energy use and harnessing clean energy
01:01:51 – Lawrence’s initiative to get his book into the hands of Congress
01:03:33 – One final question
References: The Physics of Climate Change by Lawrence Krauss
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